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ESOP Member Surveys

Are you looking for details into ESOP financials? ESOP Performance? ESOP Culture? Our member surveys give an exclusive glimpse into who has an ESOP, why they formed it, and how they are performing. The data gathered from these surveys is not available anywhere else and is available to the public. 
Member Survey

2019 Economic Performance Survey 

2019 EPS Report profits2

The ESOP Association's annual membership survey which provides valuable insight into the performance of ESOP companies. This data is vital to measuring the success of ESOP companies, many of which are privately held. 

Member Survey

2015 ESOP Survey 

The ESOP industry's benchmark survey for measuring and tracking:

  • What Kind of Company has an ESOP?
  • What Leads a Company to Start an ESOP?
  • Details of ESOP Companies
  • How ESOP Companies Meet ERISA Requirements
  • Managing an ESOP Company
  • ESOP Benefits

...and More!