Franco Silva
Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Immediate Past President
Rachel Gibson
Burwood Group

Executive Vice President
Julie Govreau
GreatBanc Trust Company

Vice President - Legislative
Regina Carls
J.P. Morgan

Vice President - Programs
Paul Davidson
Lockton Companies LLC

Vice President - Programs
John Kluth

Vice President - Membership
Elizabeth Wheeler
Parksite, Inc.

Chapter Executive
Alicia Diekow

About Us

We are owners and professionals, manufacturers and service providers, management and hourly, and one thing is true we are people who embody employee ownership every day in our work lives. We are all across the state of Illinois from Chicago to the downstate regions. Wherever you are at in your ownership journey, we can provide you a network of colleagues who have been there before. We have members who are prospective, new and mature ESOP companies. We also have a group of professionals who are among the industry's best.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about employee ownership, contact us. The Illinois Chapter of the ESOP Association is the right place to start for all of your questions!

We believe that employee ownership has and will continue to improve the landscape of American business locally, nationally and internationally. Due to its structure, it helps companies stay in America to continue the rich tradition of American prosperity and ingenuity. It increases productivity through a greater sense of participation of its employee owners. It reduces turnover and unemployment due to the high level of retirement benefits it provides. Finally, it provides the employee owners a feeling of self-worth and dignity that makes their workplace more than a 'job'.

We hope to increase the number of employee owners in the American workforce and continue to create a sense of pride in the workplace where Americans can share in the wealth for which they worked so hard to create.