Franco Silva
Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc.

Immediate Past President
Rachel Gibson
Burwood Group

Executive Vice President
Julie Govreau
GreatBanc Trust Company

Vice President - Legislative
Regina Carls
J.P. Morgan

Vice President - Programs
Paul Davidson
Lockton Companies LLC

Vice President - Programs
John Kluth

Vice President - Membership
Elizabeth Wheeler
Parksite, Inc.

Chapter Executive
Alicia Diekow

Benefits of ESOP Membership

The Illinois Chapter consists of approximately 100 member companies, including firms of all sizes and from many different industries. We also have a group of professionals who are among the industry’s best. We are owners and professionals, manufacturers and service providers, management and hourly. One thing unites us all: We are people who embody employee ownership every day in our work lives. You’ll find us throughout Illinois, from Chicago to downstate regions. Wherever you are in your ownership journey, we can provide you a network of colleagues who have been there before. We learn from each other how to promote a successful ESOP culture and address administrative issues.

For membership information visit:

Great Networking Opportunities

  • Visit successful ESOP companies throughout the state at “Company to Company Events” – see their ESOPs in operation first-hand.
  • Tap into an impressive network of ESOP professionals and service providers.
  • Exchange creative ideas and experiences with an extensive network of individuals from other ESOP companies.
  • Talk with employee-owners at every level, to learn what’s happening in other ESOP companies.

On-going Educational Opportunities

  • National and local conferences, seminars and workshops specifically designed to promote ESOP education.
  • Monthly newsletters and website updates dedicated to enhancing your knowledge about ESOPs.
  • Profiles of some of the most successful ESOP companies in the world.

A Voice at the Capital for Pro-ESOP Legislation

  • Up-to-date information on national ESOP-related lobbying and legislative activities.
  • Opportunities to build grass roots support and lobby effectively for or against legislative proposals that will impact your ESOP.