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Resources for Reporters

The ESOP Association is the only entity that advocates for all ESOPs at the federal and national level. We provide education on ESOPs via national conferences and a unique, nationwide network of 18 chapters. With thousands of members and nearly 50 years of experience with ESOPs and employee ownership we are at the forefront of ESOP legislation and education. Please see below for reporter resources and always feel free to reach out to a member of our Communications Department

The ESOP Association Media Kit

Our 2019 Media Kit offers facts and background about ESOPs and the companies and employee owners who participate in them. Great general information for reporters starting to look into employee ownership and ESOPs. 


The Economic Performance Survey (EPS) gives the latest insights on how ESOP companies performed last year.

Press Releases

See the latest press releases from The ESOP Association. 


ESOPs in the News

Employee Stock Ownership Plans and Employee Ownership are constantly being featured in the news! Check out what the media is talking about right now and some of our biggest stories of the year. 


Who Supports ESOPs?

Support for ESOPs historically has come from a wide range of people and organizations spanning the left, right, and center of the political spectrum.


ESOP vs 401(k)

ESOPs and 401(k)s are both retirement plans subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. While similar in some ways, the plans also have notable differences, as outlined in this analysis. 

Are you a member of the media? Do you have questions about the ESOP industry? Please feel free to call a member of our communications team for help.

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Director of Communications
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Associate Director of Communications 
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