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Members of The ESOP Association’s 41-person Board of Governors (BOG) are expected to be knowledgeable about The Association and its operations, to serve as a potential resource to the Board of Directors, and to elect or remove (if necessary) members of the Board of Directors.

To ensure that the BOG is well versed in Association activities, members meet at least twice a year, and are expected to review monthly reports on all major operational aspects of The Association, as well as minutes from the Board of Directors meetings. 

Make Up of the BOG 

Any voting member in good standing is eligible to serve on the BOG. Slots are apportioned as follows:

Number Category 
 26  Corporate Members
 6  Professional Members
 8  Chairs of Association Committees and Councils
 1  Honorary Life Member (if applicable)

Maximum Length of Service

Members of the BOG serve a three-year term. Corporate Members may serve up to three terms, for a total of nine years. Professional Members may serve up to two terms, for a maximum of six years.

Getting Nominated

Members are nominated by The Association's Nominating Committee, or may submit a petition to The Association’s CEO and President, James J. Bonham, at JBonham@ESOPAssociation.org.

Nomination petitions must be signed by 50 voting Association members and must be submitted by the annual deadline.

Corporate Members submitting a nomination must show that their employers consent to them seeking election to the BOG.

Nominees for the BOG are elected by the membership at large.