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About ESOP Association Members

The ESOP Association represents more than 1,600 ESOP companies, in addition to roughly 1,300 companies that provide services to ESOP companies. Total membership is approximately 2,900.

Here are some facts about The Association’s 1,600 ESOP companies:

For more information, see our 2015 ESOP Survey

Demographic Data about Corporate Members

  • Approximately 99 percent are private, closely-held companies.
  • 68 percent have fewer than 250 employees.
  • 23.4 percent are in manufacturing, 15.3 percent are in construction and 10.9 percent are in engineering.
  • Average annual sales revenue ranges from approximately $20 - $50 million.

Data about Corporate Members’ ESOPs

  • The average ESOP account balance is $113,318.
  • The average contribution the company makes to the ESOP each year, as a percentage of covered compensation, is 11.8 percent. 
  • Roughly 65 percent report their ESOP has been in place for 10 years or more.
  • 83.4 percent have an ESOP that owns more than 50 percent of the business.
  • 75.4 percent report their ESOP is currently leveraged, or was previously leveraged.

Benefits Data about Corporate Members

  • 93.6 percent offer a 401(k) plans, and 2.5 percent a pension plan, in addition to their ESOPs.

Benefits to the Company of Having an ESOP

  • 83.3 percent report that motivation and productivity increased as a result of the ESOP.
Source: The Company Survey, conducted among ESOP Association members in 2015