About The ESOP Association


What is an ESOP?

A retirement plan. A way of engaging employees. A mechanism that benefits the company, employees, the community. And so much more! To start learning more, click below.

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About The ESOP Association

The ESOP Association is the only organization that advocates on behalf of all ESOP companies.

Dedicated to education, The ESOP Association attracts more than 10,000 people annually to its 18 chapters and five national meetings—including the Las Vegas Conference & Trade Show, which is the largest ESOP event in the world.

Our Vision

We believe that employee ownership:

  • Improves American competitiveness.
  • Increases productivity through greater employee participation in the workplace.
  • Strengthens our free enterprise economy.
  • Creates a broader distribution of wealth.
  • Maximizes human potential by enhancing the self-worth, dignity, and well-being of our people.

Therefore, we envision an America where employee ownership is widely recognized as a catalyst for economic prosperity, where the great majority of employees own stock in the companies where they work, and where employee ownership enables employees to share in the wealth they help create. And we look for our nation to become for all the world an example of prosperity with justice through employee ownership.

Our Mission

"To educate about and advocate for employee ownership with an emphasis on ESOPs."

Our Background

Formed by the joining of two organizations, The ESOP Association was born with a spirit of collaboration. 

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Association By-Laws

Our by-laws were adopted in 1993 and last updated in 2014. To learn about how we govern ourselves, click below.  

About Our Members

What are our members like? Most are privately held S corporations that are fully owned by their employees, but we have plenty of partially owned C and S corporations too. Get more facts by clicking below.

The ESOP Association Lives at

1200 18th Street, NW, Suite 1125
Washington, DC  20036-2506

Learn about the people who work at The ESOP Association and how they can help you improve your ESOP and become a more engaged member of the ESOP community.

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Facts About Our Members

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Press Releases

The Employee Ownership Foundation

The Employee Ownership Foundation funds research that examines
the potential benefits employee ownership can offer to
companies, individuals, and our nation.


The ESOP Association is a vibrant community committed to attaining technical and cultural excellence within employee owned companies. To reach this specialized audience, check out the opportunities below. 

Sponsorship Opportunities 
The ESOP Association has a multitude of sponsorship opportunities, ranging in price from $1,500 to $20,000. Nationally we host the largest and second largest gatherings of ESOP companies and professionals in America. Locally, across our 18 chapters there are hundreds of events to sponsor. To reach the 10,000 anticipated event attendees see the 2018 Sponsorship Brochure. (updated January 2018) 


Advertising with The ESOP Association is the premiere method for reaching engaged businesses that are passionate about employee ownership. Learn how we can help you share your message with our members!